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Special Vedic Kavach Proposal

Dear Astrologer/Spiritual Guru(s)/Vaastu Shastri Friends,


It is our pleasure to inform you that we are selling VEDIC KAVACH of all types, based on all twelve Lagna /Rashis & various purposes & Special Purpose .

To know the benefits of Vedic Kavach , see our other pages on this website.

Since this is major part of ASTRAL REMEDIES & for betterment of mankind, as astrology is meant
for humanity‘s welfare.

Vedic Kavachs are made on scientific bases as per Vedic system to enhance the Power of Functional Benefic Planets to provide the best possible benefic results 
to the wearer throughout life. Vedic Kavachs are Avalable in Silver Amulet/ Taveez Form.

BECOME OUR PROFIT PARTNER to recommend your clients Vedic Kavach for better & prosperous life.

You can use it for yourself & your family members, nears & dears.
(Money Back Guarantee).

Waiting for fruitful relationship.

J.K.Sethi (Jyotish Kovid)
Vedic Astrologer & Astrology Teacher

Cont: +9810873426,+9811678467

Email: systems.astrology@yahoo.co.in // systemsastrology@gmail.com

Skype ID: Vedic Kavach


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