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Ans. VEDIC KAVACH-The Divine Grace in the form of Benefic Planetary Power harmoniging/strengthning Device comes from India to shower its beneficial impacts on people world over.


Rare opportunity To Avail Exalted Planets Vedic Kavach TO STRENGHTEN YOUR ALL BENEFIC PLANETS through Special Power Vedic Kavach of Exalted planets For Multiple Benefits.

First time in the history of Astrology.

A) Question: What is your opinion about Vedic Kavach & other remedies like propitiatory remedies based on Panch Mahayagyam (The five great sacrifices) mentioned in Vedas.
Answer: In my opinion astral/jyotisha remedies are like parents of a person, who protects him/her from odd situations in life & helps to gives better & prosperous life.

B) What is the role of remedy in Vedic Astrology?
Answer: By performing remedies, wearing/using of Vedic Kavach /Gems & color therapy of benefic planets & timely advice can make the person life better & prosperous. Without Remedies, Astrology is useless like a good Dr. without prescription.

C) Question: What is the benefit of Special powerVedic Kavach, why one can wear/use?

The planetary weaknesses and afflictions (Negative Planets impact on benefic weak planets can only be reduced / removed with the help of various types of Vedic Kavach (The planets strengthening astrological major remedial measures, like precious GEMS). Pl. see my website www.VedivKavach.com for various types of Vedic Kavachs.

D) Question: What is the origin of Vedic Kavach?
Answer: VEDIC KAVACH is also called Zodiac Pendant/Locket Luck/Jyotish Kavach is a protecting disc in the form of a pendant, Silver cover locket, containing mystical numbers of planets on silver disc & plastic quoted paper VEDIC KAVACH (comes from the Literature of Vedic Astrology) of all functional benefic planets. Energized/created in an most auspiciously elected time (comes after 16-30 years,for all the twelve Zodiac Signs/Ascendants.

E) Question: Why you prescribe Vedic Kavach?
Answer: Vedic Kavach is a major part of planetary strengthening remedy prescribe to use for improving the strength of all the benefic planets as per birth chart to enable people to overcome from problems & this provide better life/protection against the natal and transit negativity of malefic planets on the benefic planets ,which are weak/badly placed & afflicted in birth/transit chart.

F) Question: Any feedback regarding Vedic Kavach to use?
Answer: Vedic Kavach or Special power Vedic Kavach or Special purpose power Vedic Kavach is a main major part of the planetary remedy to strengthen the weak benefic planets, peoples feedback indicates that the wearing/using of Vedic Kavach provides the benefic results to the wearer(No complaint till date). In many cases of weak charts, with the help of astral remedies & Vedic Kavach with Gems, this provides tremendous positive results to the wearer/user.

G) Question: Is any other astrological remedies help to provide strength & better results along with Vedic Kavach?
Answer: Yes. For this, we suggest favorable color of the benefic planets benefic planets, Gems & performance of charities for the malefic (negative) planets & prayer etc.

H) Question: How one can get the auspicious time, Muhurata to using this.
Answer: We suggest auspicious time (Muhurata) when one can buy this to wear/use.

I)Question: Is there any references of Vedic Kavach in Vedic astrological literature?
Answer: Yes. The individual set of mystical numbers of planets available in vedic literature like Brahat Parashar Hora Shastra(BPHS) Jatak Parijat,Saravali etc. The astrological books written in the fifth century, this mentioned of benefits of these too.

J) Question: How come you start to making Vedic Kavach ?
Answer: In 1999, we start to using the combined set of these mystical numbers set of all benefic planets for raising the strength of the concerned benefic planets for all the12 Lagna wise to removing/minimize the obstructions/negativity for the persons, these planets are dealing with the Health Problems, Wealth, Status, Family, Relationship Problems, Business/job, Financial matters, Education , to cut down the delay in marriage and many other aspects of life etc. The problem of the persons used to be tackled in this way, in subsequent to their main/sub periods of planets, which the natives encountered problems.

Our friends experimenting the utility of these included Mr. Manish Goyal, Mr. Rohit Sethi, Mr. R.K.Anand, who is a Supreme court advocate by profession and had been interested in remedial astrology since mid nineties, had attended a regular course of astrology in ICAS, even in 1999, my friend, Mr. Vinay Kapoor, a businessman deeply interested in the astrological remedial measures.

The new form of Vedic Kavach (on plastic coated chromo paper (PQCP), Bhoj Patra) was then brought up in January, 2000 so that anybody who wants the help of astral guidance from us should be given a protection by special power spl. purpose Vedic Kavach, Exalted Planets Special Power Vedic Kavach, Vedic Kavach +Gems & remedies on a long-term benefits basis. This I also want to sell to good astrologer’s world over,who are keen to provide benefits to their customers to maximum. I make these in lacs in quantity of exalted planets Vedic Kavach, which nobody can think to make before.This is first time in the history of Astrology.

The Vedic Kavachs were made only for the functional benefic planets for all the twelve Zodiac Signs/Ascendants as per advance systems of Vedic Astrology at Systems Institute of Vedic Astrology, India and London by me.

K) Question: What is your experience with the Vedic Kavach?
Overall, my experience with the Special power Vedic Vedic Kavach,Vedic Kavach has been found to be highly satisfactory till date.

L) Question: The Vedic Kavach is always worn by itself or whether extra effects occur if it is worn with Gems or any yantra like Kuber or Ganesh Yantra ?
Answer: It is worn by itself sufficient, in many cases, we recommend with gems.This depends on chart to chart, positions of planets & planetary periods.

M) Question: Is the impact of silver Vedic Kavach enhanced if it is used with laminated Exalted planets Vedic Kavach.
Answer: Yes.

N) Question: How you can energize the Vedic Kavach?
Answer: The strong auspicious time/muhurtas in which the Vedic Kavach is created should have strong, well placed planetary influences along with benefic long planetary periods which comes rarely & preparing time is very limited, with following divine conduct, have strong, fortune lord well placed & have benefic planetary periods & experience helps to make these strong & effective. Jupiter only is not the criteria to make these effective.

O) Question: Would it be possible to select an auspicious time for the wearer when one or two planets are in debilitation or ill placed.
Answer: No, we suggest a best possible auspicious time to wear the same.

P) Question: Normally the Special power Vedic Kavach is made on a silver disc. Shall one can use a Gold disc or Plastic coated paper Vedic Kavach for this.
Answer: Yes, one can use gold or go for laminated also.(PQCP) paper Vedic Kavach in silver cover. The benefits are same.

Q) Question: If one can wear Vedic Kavach on a silver chain or a gold chain in place of specified color thread as per lagna.
Answer: Yes. No Problem.

R) Question: When can you start Vedic Kavach to make on paper by using the same colored ink as of the thread being used.
Answer: I started to make plastic quoted IMP Chromo paper (Modern Bhoj Patra).Vedic Kavach in January 2000 for long life use by finest color ink & paper. All the preparation method & benefits are same as Vedic Kavach made on silver disc. It will have the same power.
We have also offer a special power Vedic Kavach (Laminated) to rejuvenate the power of the Special Power Vedic Kavach.

S) Question: How you can energize the special power Vedic Kavach & rare opportunity Exalted planets Special purpose power Vedic Kavach.
Answer: It s all depend on Auspicious time of exalted planets & placement in good houses without any afflictions. This opportunity comes after 16 & 30 years respectively. As we all knows that, benefic planets precious Gems increase the power of planets if use/wear in an auspicious time, but exalted planets vedic kavach increase the power of planets in excessive manner. That’s why exalted planets Special power vedic Kavach is better than Regular Vedic Kavach & Gems in many cases to combat the negative influances.

T) Question: Is Exalted planets Vedic Kavach is helpful in curing dreaded diseases ?
Answer: Special power exalted planets Vedic Kavach helps the person in preventing & curing dreaded diseases like: HEART ATTACK, DIABETES, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, CANCER, KIDNEY FAILURE, ACUTE ASTHMA & PARALYSIS etc.

Acute Health problems are caused by severe negative planets impacts to the badly place weak birth time benefic planets. The birth chart provides the advance insight in one's vulnerability to such dreaded diseases.

Our experience and feedback of people show that appropriate astrological remedies are likely to help persons with such birth time negative planets impacts to save themselves from the above acute/serious diseases, the scientific astrological regular remedies prevent much.If one sees its utility this costs a little in comparison to the treatment of person.
Using of special power exalted planets Vedic Kavach+ Gems with regular propitiatory remedies helps much to overcome from the dreaded diseases.
The preventive use of Special Power Vedic Kavach with regular performance of propitiatory remedies are believed to be a good protection against mishaps to overcome from dreaded diseases & live joy and peace full life.

U) Question: Is Vedic Kavach helpful in removing of Black Magic, Manlik Dosha, Kaalsarp Dosha, Pitru Dosha & Sadesatte of Saturn.
Answer: Yes. Special purpose exalted planets Vedic Kavach is much helpful in removing these problems.

V) Why Vedic Kavach is must for every Human Being?
Answer Because nobody have all benefic planets well placed & strong & Vedic Kavach Harmonise/strengthen all benefic planets.

If planets are strong in natel charts, nobody can see their position in divisional charts, even strong natal planets in week transit position can not provide good results fully & planetary dashas are not always good,that ’s why we are recommend it to ever one.


Indian Vedic Astrologer.



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