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Childhood Depression

In today’s fast moving world & changing lifestyle childhood is far from being without pressure in these days. The incidence of childhood depression in India & abroad is showing a rising trend. 

Underlying chemical changes in the brain due to weakness of Self Lord & The Sun, parental conflict, weakness of fourth & ninth lord, loss of dear one, physical & sexual abuses and academic pressure weakness of 2nd, sixth lord & there is other planets weakness depend on chart to chart. are some of the main reasons which are responsible for this malady.

The most important thing you can do is to realize that children can be come depressed just as adult.

There is so many other reasons /signs you should lookout for :
like Nuclear family, loneliness, academic pressure, persistent sadness, hopelessness, irritability & getting easily 
agitated, withdrawing from friends family & even thing they once enjoyed as hobby or participating in Sports etc., missing or skipping school, indecisive, forgetful distracted & feel low self esteem. 

When your seen the above some indications or wish to prevent your child from any kind of depression or any illogical pressure .Vedic astrology can much help in the area of any kind of depression in childhood or in adults have.

With timely astral/Jyotish treatment and active participation of parents/family, children/adult can have a speedy recovery and lead a healthy life.

Consultation charges $ 50 INR 1100/-


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