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Medical Astrology

Vedas are the ultimately truth & Vedic Astrology is the eye of Vedas.

Vedic astrology which not only forewarns the person concerned regarding VULNERABILITY to weather it is common disease or mysterious HEALTH PROBLEMS, BUT ALSO HELPS IN REMOVING/MINIMIZE THE SAME by astral remedies i.e strengthening the all benefic planets through Special power Zodiac Pandent or Gems, Color Therapy and profitiation (charities) of melefic planets.

Diagnose the diseases through birth chart or Prashna Astrology. The planets in a birth chart which are weak due to ill placement, combustion or afflicted cause diseases connected with the significations ruled by them. This is the golden principle of Vedic astrology, which provides us the key to diagnosing the health problems . For example: If Mercury being the lord of the ascendant is weak/afflicted by Rahu/Ketu or Sat, may cause suffering by way of nervous breakdown, skin , breathing & mental problems etc. The Sun (Karka of vitality), the Moon (Karka of mind) signify the physical and mental health in general. The planets represents parts of the body governed by them. If Mars afflicted by Rahu or Saturn may cause boils, wounds, irregular blood pressure, impurities of blood, etc. Afflicted, week planets give short/long duration health problems pertaining to their general and particular (Karkatvas) significations. If the lord of the ascendant & 6th lord are weak and there are severely afflicted planets, a person is prone to dreaded diseases like cancer, cardiac diseases, etc. 

Avert physical & mental problems. Get the benefit of vedic astrology to analyze your chart for preventive & curative astral diagnoses.

Price: US$ 100 INR Rs.4100/-


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