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Electional Astrology - Shubh Muhurata Selection

Electional (Magnatic Time) Astrology & Business

(Timing is everything)

Electional (Muhurta) astrology is a divine gift to mankind for practice which allows you to choose an optimum time for a specific professional / personel event, such as launch of a new business / project / film or any professional movement. The positioning of the powerful Planets, and certain Planets in particular time (Sumuhurta) & planetry periods, can make one moment far more fortuitous than another. Whether it's starting an important project, buying a new home, beginning a new job, taking a trip or filing a lawsuit, electional (muhurta) astrology is a worthwhile partner for mankind. Choosing most harmonious planetary aspects is the key to electional astrology . Can also significantly influence an outcome. As well, the overall positioning of the benefic planets and specific good conjunctions/aspects are considered. Where favorable Planets are concerned, Jupiter, the Planet of expansion and good fortune, is considered an ideal chart component for starting a new business. Supportive temperament provided by Venus while Mars is an excellent Planet to have around where matters requiring action and assertion are concerned, taking up various positions for project operations, which is governed by the Sun/ Jupiter. . It's no longer necessary to leave important decisions to fate -- electional (Megnatic Time) astrology is here to help for Long Lasting stability Prosperity & Fortune.

Charges: $ 200 INR 7,500/-

Spl.Muhurta Charges: $ 300 INR 11000/-


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