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Corporate Astrology

Vedic Astrology is the science of lights, which enlightens the dark and the hidden areas of a being.

Astrology reveals the composition of mind, its capabilities and limitations.

To Selecting the right Business, Through analysis of the Birth chart/ Horoscope of the Head of the Organisation/Firm/Company helps us in identifying the proper business line/prospects 

In Corporate Astrology, Finalization of the Management & raising of finance is very important factors for the success of any project. Vedic astrology through one's horoscopic analysis tells about the suitability of specified persons for specified position.

Finance depends on the moods & dependability of the stock market and the economic conditions of any country. For bringing out the Initial Public issues one has to weigh all the pros and cons of profession & planetary periods, so that the efforts put in for the Initial Pubic Offer or seeking project financed from the financial institutions are successful. 

Vedic Astrology indicates the strength and weakness analysis of the planetary influences in the birth chart of the Head or Chief Executive or the Members of the Management/ Group/owner, explaining planetary weakness/strengths causing problems temporarily/permanently, and which are the positive/negative areas of the birth charts that indicate success/Failure and can be exploited for the greater benefits.

Vedic astrology also makes suggestions for improvements in profession through astrological remedial measures( strengthing of benefic planets in an auspicious time & charities for melefic planets in a chart.

Compatibility Analysis in Corporate Astrology : 
For achieving the Success, multi-disciplined specialties and managerial competencies. For a successful & long lasting business relationship/partnership, compatibility analysis is taken up to see the temperament of team spirit and financial strength. As disturbance in team work can disturb the mental peace of the Management/ Group by entering into wrong business partnership/ relationship. In this regard, not only preventive analysis is done, but advice is also given for being successful in any business association/ relationships.

Charges: Individual $ 100 INR 4100/-

Corporate Employee Scan

The existing members of the team can also be helped through strengthening of the planets as per their Birth charts for better performance/relationship

Don't waste your time, money, and effort. Advance system of Vedic Astrological advice will be an integral part of the future corporate machinery. The beginning has already been made in many countries and the results show 80-90% accuracy. 

Know your potential recruit before he walks into the interview chamber.

Let US inform YOU whether your man : 
- is worth it. ,is destined to succeed in life. 
- is honest, mentally and emotionally stable,
- is professionally inclined. 
- is hardworking, growth oriented and competent/or... is a greedy and selfish corporate jumper. 

Price : $ 50 Inr 2100/-each


The role of Vedic astrology/ in the business world become a most powerful & regular feature owing to the results that this liaison brings forth.

In this divine service, based on the birth data (such as date/time/place of birth) of the directors/owners /proprietor , we suggest an astrological corporate strategy that may include a business makeover plan, corporate name/s for the company or firm, brand names for the products (names that are very powerful and make the product attractive ),most auspicious time (magnetic positive forces) to start production/distribution/services etc. For this service, apart from the birth data of the main person/s behind the business venture.

The corporate and brand name will be based on astro Numerology. Along with the names, we will also advise auspicious time(Muhurta), the corporate color which are lucky to the organization. We will also suggest the technical details for printing the stationery of the company as to in which font and color it can be printed for maximizing the good impacts. The Priphiciated & strengthening remedies through Zodiac Pendent(Kavach)/Gemstone therapy is also part of the package to improve the luck factor of the owners.

Price : $ 200 INR Rs.10,000/-


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